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Alleged Doctor Dahesh Sightings Are Fabrications

Reprinted from the following link http://www.daheshville.com/forum/sho...42&postcount=1

There are those who claim that Doctor Dahesh appeared to them, not in dreams or thought, but in reality.

I am one of the 20 Daheshists who were present at Doctor Dahesh's funeral, and one of the 3 Daheshists who assisted the 2 morticians in embalming Doctor Dahesh's body (http://web.archive.org/web/199910111...m:80/death.htm). Incidentally, this web archive is amazing, don't you think?

At one point, if you take the time to read the above essay published on the original Dahesh.com, it says, "We read excerpts from prose poems and prayers that Dr. Dahesh had requested be read after his death."

Now, please be aware that those prose poems and prayers had been transcribed in Arabic, and were posted in the section called "My Will." Simply go to this page and follow the links provided therein.

Now, let me tell you that all of us present were hoping to, somehow, see the Doctor again in our lifetime.

But, as we discovered those passages, and took turn reading them aloud (as we stood before the open casket), the prospect of seeing the Doctor again, in this lifetime, became null. Zero. Goose egg. Zilch. Nada.

But don't take my word for it! Let's see what the Doctor himself wrote; behold the two excerpts that shattered our hopes in ever seeing him in the flesh again:

The first one is from the piece called "Remember me, and Forget me Not"
The first line amounts to "When I die" (the actual line translates to something like... "When my page has been folded from this existence"
... so, basically, again, it implies "When I die."

The second line says, "And after you are sure, Oh Brother, that I will not return."
اذكرني ولا تنسني

عندما تطوى صفيحتي من هذا الوجود .
وبعدما تتأكد يا أخي بأنني لن أعود .


The second poem's called "When I Leave you."
It opens with...

"When your hopes of the possibility of my ever returning to where you are dissipate." And the last line reads, "And rest assured that I am watching you from my distant world with longing and yearning.

عندما أغادركم
عندما تتبدد آمالكم في إمكان عودتي حيث أنتم . ويطوي الزمان اعوامه في لججه المدلهمة . وتطوف تذكاراتي في أفئدتكم فتقرأٌون ما خلفته لكم . إذ ذاك قولوا : لقد توارى عن عالمنا كالبرق الخاطف . وتأكدوا بأنني أنظركم من عالمي البعيد بشوق وحنين . . .

لأنني أحبكم كثيراً ! . . . أحبكم كثيراً ! . . .


Lastly, I will not mince words: anyone who claims that hey have seen the Doctor in real life after his death is either willingly fabricating the story, or probably suffers from a mental condition that makes it hard for them to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Furthermore, anyone who — after having read what I have (probably not for the first time) shared regarding this — promotes, or allows the willful promotion of such lies, are defacing the Beloved Guiding Prophet's words, and promoting the worst kind of lie.

End of story.
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June 1, 1980 revisited...

On June 1, 1980, Doctor Dahesh wrote—as well as recorded on audio cassette— the following speech:

"My Brothers and my Sisters,

I greet you with spiritual love, hoping that the Divine Power shields you from the dangers, and steers you away from the troubles, and preserves you for the day with extreme heat that is inescapable.

I say "the day with extreme heat" because we live in a world conquered by Evil and ruled by injustices, and overpowered by dark spirits whose concern is attacking the holy and persecute the faiths, and you all no doubt remember the transgressor Bechara El Khoury, that tyrant who had bullied and became arrogant and attacked my freedom which was given to me by THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR .

However, I was not neglectful and my determination did not rest, and I did not delay in attacking the opportunist greedy criminal with a fierce attack, which the books have recorded, and the logs have noted, and which crossed all corners of the Earth and both big and small, old and young, would come to know it, and the tongues transmitted it, and stoned that degenerate with terms akin to him.

For he who cooks the poison eats it, even if the elite battalions of the Inferno rely upon him.

Your faith oh Brothers and Sisters, is extended from Heaven it is firm as the tallest mountains.

And know that each one who is neglectful shall receive his punishment sooner or later.

For the Eye of GOD is watching him, and his conscience will judge him,and then woe then woe to him.

GOD gives leeway and he does not overlook.

And it is an obscenity for the believer in the lofty faith to put his hand upon the plow and then to let go of it.

(That) Judas Iscariot, (he) who betrayed his Lord and Teacher Christ, squeals in the bottom-most part of the depths of the Inferno, and he is pacing its cells (that are) raging with fires with eternal flames he requests death, and Death avoids him (with the expression of disdain on Death's face), punishment that is according to his despicable treason, let alone the tongues of the people of the Earthly Globe who curse him with curses that shake (him to his core), because he is a traitor who deserves eternal suffering.

I mentioned this because Fluids of lowly evil are trying to sow their lowly seeds in some of the heads/minds.

I will not mention names.

The "shaker" of the Faith knows himself whether man or woman.

That is why I send this (my)warning for (I) fear (the befalling of) disaster
(upon) whomever Satan has put in their heads (the idea) to sway from the straight path.

Their movements and their words and their deeds and their thoughts are (perfectly) known.

And their remorse will not do them any good once the appalling disaster happens

And he who warns cannot be blamed.

And peace may be upon you, Oh dear brothers And may you be blessed"


كلمة أول حزيران

بمناسبة ذكرى مولد مؤسس العقيدة الداهشية

إخواني وأخواتي،

أحييكم بمحبة روحية،

متمنياً على العزة الإلهية أن تقيكم المخاطر،

وتجنبكم المنغصات،

وتحفظكم لليوم العصيب الذي لا بد منه.

أقول "اليوم العصيب"،

لأننا نعيش في عالم يستعمره الشر وتسوده المظالم،

وتستبد به نفوس دجوجية،

همها الإعتداء على المقدسات واضطهاد العقائد.

وكلكم لا شك تذكرون الباغية بشارة الخوري،

ذلك الطاغية الذي تجبّر وتكبّر،

واعتدى على حريتي التي منحني إيّاها الخالق عز وجل.

ولكني لم أنكص،ولم تهن عزيمتي،

ولم أتقاعس عن مهاجمة المجرم الوصولي مهاجمة ضارية،

سجلتها الكتب ودونتها الأسفار،

وجابت جميع الأصقاع فعرفها الكبير والصغير،

ولاكتها الألسنة، ورجمت الرتكب الأثيم بعبارات هو أهل لها.

فطابخ السم آكله، ولو كانت زبانية الجحيم تواكبه.


إن عقيدتكم أيها الإخوة والاخوات،

مستمدة من السماء،

فهي ثابتة ثبات الجبال الرواسي.

واعلموا أن كل من ينكص سينال جزاءه عاجلاً أم آجلاً.

فعين الله تراقبه،

وضميره يحاسبه،

وإذ ذاك فالويل ثم الويل له.

إن الله يمهل ولا يهمل.

ومن العار على معتنق العقيدة السامية

أن يضع يده على المحراث ثم يتركه وشأنه.


إن يهوذا الإسخريوطي،

من خان سيده ومعلمه السيد المسيح،

يقبع في أسفل درك من دركات الجحيم،

وهو يذرع نخاربيه المتأججة بالنيران الأبدية الإتقاد

يطلب الموت، والموت يشيح بوجهه عنه،

جزاء وفاقاً على خيانته المرذولة،

فضلاً عن ألسنة جميع ملل أهل الكرة الأرضية

الذين يلعنونه لعنات مزلزلة،

لأنه خائن يستحق العذاب الأبدي.

ذكرت هذا لأن سيالات الشر الدنيء

تحاول أن تزرع بذورها السفلية في بعض الرؤوس،

ولن أذكر الأسماء.

فمزعزع العقيدة يعرف نفسه سواء أكان رجلاً أم امرأة.

لهذا أرسل تحذيري هذا خوفاً من وقوع كارثة

لمن وسوس الشيطان لهم أن ينحرفوا عن الطريق القويم.

فحركاتهم وأقوالهم وأعمالهم وأفكارهم معروفة تمام المعرفة.

ولن ينفعهم ندمهم شيئاً عند وقوع الكارثة المروّعة.

ومن أنذر فقد أعذر.

والسلام عليكم،أيها الإخوة الأعزاء،

وبورك بكم.

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Please make sure you check out this HISTORIC DOCUMENT given to Sandrine!

11-01-2006 until 12-02-2020
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If you are a Daheshist, then you owe it to yourself to read this historical document. Simply register and log on to the "Members Only" section.
08-23-2006 until 08-31-2020
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If you ever wondered what really happened to Doctor Dahesh during the presidency of Bechara El Khoury, then please read the following:

Around 1983, Doctor Dahesh asked Mario Henri Chakkour to illustrate a cover for him. Chakkour didn't know exactly what the book was about. And why would he... He had Electric Guitars and Multitrack recording on his mind! So, all he knew about the project were the specific instructions he was given pertaining to the cover. After he completed the project, Doctor Dahesh would supply Mario with additional comments and requests (even though the cover was already done). As I far as Chakkour was concerned, that particular project was "over."

Fast forward to the summer of 1986, Chakkour is asked to read the manuscript of "Innocent in Chains."

That book, supposedly, was the most important book that Dahesh had written. It was his autobiographical account of the infamous attempt on his life, his exile, and his escape.

It was the actual book for which, 3 years prior, Doctor Dahesh asked him to illustrate the cover.

The manuscript was split into two parts. Chakkour would read each part from 12 a.m. until 6 a.m.

As he read, he jotted down notes... a lot of notes...

Many drawings and storyboards would later see the light.

20 years later, he would like to share them with the world, for he believes it is time people knew what happened.

So, make sure you check out "INNOCENT in CHAINS. The notes..." (Tip: Search for "Innocent in Chains")

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