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Default Darrick Troy Evenson Alert Log



1) We acquired a copy of Massimo Introvige's, September 29, 2016 book, SATANISM: A SOCIAL HISTORY. On page 413-414, we found the following entry:
Evangelical counter-cultists found Satanist cults hidden almost everywhere,
behind Freemasonry, Wicca, Mormonism, and Roman Catholicism. It is surprising
that comparatively little was published in the 1990s by Evangelicals
about Satanists hidden behind a “heresy” they often denounced, the New Age
movement, although they certainly claimed that the New Age was just another
tool of Satan. One of the reasons, although certainly not the only one, was the
1991 scandal involving Darrick Evenson. In a vaudeville irresistibly remembering
Taxil, Evenson managed to sell in exactly the same period material in which
he denounced New Age and Mormonism as satanic conspiracies, writing with
the pseudonym of Troy Lawrence, and publications signed with his real
name where, presenting himself as a devout Mormon, he viciously attacked
Evangelical anti-Mormons.

After Cornerstone told his Evangelical readers that Troy Lawrence and Darrick
Evenson were the same person, Evenson, like Taxil, in the end confessed to
being an impostor. He declared, however, to having offered a clue to his readers
by adopting “Troy” (Lawrence) as a pseudonym, an allusion to the Trojan
Horse. Evenson’s anti-New Age and anti-Mormon career collapsed, not to
mention his parallel business as a Mormon apologist, although he successively
claimed he had found new Satanist cults among the Daheshists, i.e. the followers
of Lebanese mystic Salim Moussa Ashi, known as Dr. Dahesh (1909–1984).
Controversies between the Daheshists and Evenson continue to this day on
the Internet.

2) We found the following two, December 2015 Kickstarter and Kicktraq campaigns.

__________________________________________________ _____

On August 6, 2012, then subsequently on August 7, Mr. Darrick Troy Evenson contacted us via email. In his letters, he expressed deep and sincere regret for certain of his actions and asked for forgiveness. He also fervently requested that a Daheshist Spiritual Symbol be offered on his behalf, asking God Almighty to grant him spiritual aid.

We did just that and we wish Mr. Evenson well.

Ordinarily, we would have removed the ALERT LOG.

However, due to the fact that the internet is filled with posts and messages posted by Mr. Evenson — which he now regrets having posted — the fact remains that these messages still constitute a serious problem on many levels. Hence, in order to educate the public about the true meaning of Daheshism, to correct the damage that was done, and in a manner that in no way reflects our personal feelings about Mr. Evenson, we are obliged to maintain that log active.


MAY 29, 2012

The following are web links to sites, filled with distortions and fabrications, that Mr. Darrick Troy Evenson has created; sometimes using the alias "William O. Kardec." whose email address clearly matches Mr. Evenson's. They use, in part, content that was illegally stolen from other sites, mixed-in with lavish fabrications and claims, including the alleged picture of Doctor Dahesh as a child!



WARNING to all Daheshists websites whose links are featured on that site:


Anyone who read Doctor Dahesh's books knows that Daheshists BELIEVE in the story of the FLOOD as it is described in the Old Testament, that Daheshism does NOT believe in the VIRGIN BIRTH, and many more claims featured on the preceding links...

MARCH 31, 2012

A concerned member of "Life After Mormonism" alerted us to the fact that Mr. Darrick Troy Evenson is posting messages under the name of DOCTOR DAHESH.
Here is one example of this posts (including his responses, in one of which he maintains that he saw Doctor Dahesh in 2005).Here are a few more of his posts.

MARCH 25, 2012:

We saw the following notice by a moderator on regarding the member who goes by "Daheshist" and who has made his identity known as Darrick Troy Evenson:

Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:18 pm: "The moderators have decided to permanently ban Daheshist due to a pattern of threatening. behavior.

(Moderator Note) In addition to Darrick being permanently banned with a clear indicator that the reason for banning was due to IRL threats of posters, his IP address has also been blocked."

(Note: "IRL threats" stands for "In Real Life threats")

JANUARY 14, 2012:

A sampling of fabricated myths attributed to Daheshism along with attacks on the Mormon Church and Mormon women — in particular — which Mr. Darrick Troy Evenson has posted on the web, using the name "Daheshism" and/or "Daheshist." Please pay particular attention to where he insists that Doctor Dahesh visited him, in the flesh, in 2005. Also, we apologize for some the highly objectionable content in these posts, which was published under the banner of "Daheshist."

DECEMBER 20, 2011:
Mr. Darrick Troy Evenson launches his version of "DaheshBlog."

JANUARY 13, 2011
: Our reports indicate that Darrick Troy Evenson is accessing the internet via the computers at Mount Hood Community College, in Gresham, Oregon. Mr. Evenson continues to claim that Dr. Dahesh visited him in 2005. That cannot be because Dr. Dahesh specifically wrote that no one will ever see him — in whatever form that may be — again in the flesh, in our lifetime, after his passing. It is unfortunate to have the good name, memory, and reputation of Dr. Dahesh besmirched this way. Furthermore, he is flooding the internet with lies in the name of Doctor Dahesh. And in the case of his recent activities on the forum (please see also these older posts under the username "daheshist") he is deliberately attacking the LDS Church, often in the name of Daheshism. He is currently using the username "Daheshism." Furthermore, he is continuing to post outrageous and despicable lies about Mario Henri Chakkour, who led the Sacramento State University Police to his location on the University Campus.

Leading up to that encounter, Darrick Troy Evenson threatened Mario Henri Chakkour with bodily harm — harassed and google-bombed him for years — after the latter exposed many of his questionable practices here on Daheshville. This ultimately resulted in 2 police investigations and two separate case numbers were assigned — one in VA and the other in CA. The string of attacks continued and on Sept 30, 2009, the Sacramento State University Police — and days after confronting Darrick Troy Evenson while sitting at the Library computer station and ordering him to cease and desist — carried out their investigation, weighed the evidence, completed their report and informed Mario Henri Chakkour IN WRITING that they submitted a warrant request for violation of California Penal Code section 653(m) to the Sacramento County District Attorney. THE PRECEDING IS ALL A MATTER OF RECORD.

Darrick Troy Evenson, a self-professed "white separatist" , actively recruits men and women for the Adult movie industry. He uses the email address "" and has been operating in and around the City of Sacramento in the State of California and is a frequent visitor to the Sacramento State University Library computers, from where he sent vile and disgusting email attacks — filled with racial slurs — addressed to a member of the Daheshist Board of Directors. Recently, he was spotted operating out of The University of California in Davis as well as Los Rios Community College. All Daheshists must be on the lookout for this man and should report any questionable post they might encounter online. He as also posted the following bogus messages.

OCTOBER 14, 2009
: Lycos/Angelfire, and in response to a series of complaints filed by the Dahesh Society of America, informed us that the last of the "so-called" Daheshist Web sites created by the individual known as Darrick Troy Evenson has been removed. All in all, dozens of web sites were removed. While this is definitely a victory — especially that it took us 4 years to win the battle, we ask that you remain vigilant. Please be advised that the individual who goes by the name of "Darrick Troy Evenson" has been publishing a lot of lies and unfounded claims pertaining to Daheshism! Although The Dahesh Society of America, and after a long and hard battle, was able to remove the majority of his so-called "Daheshist" web sites from the internet, his threat to Daheshism is not to be taken lightly.

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