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Why, thank you, Observer Jules!

The thing is, I'm not advocating any particular mode of government.

What I am, however, after is the human-rights element of the equation: If you read Doctor Dahesh's "Words," the theme of liberty jumps out at you.

I am thousands of literal miles away (no pun intended) from my bookshelf, so I can't grab it and translate some of its passages for you. Nevertheless, I'll give you gist of the impression I was left with after having read it:

Let's say I'm ruled by a king, or any type of ruler, and that ruler is a tyrant (i.e., jails people without due process, revokes freedom of expression, the usual...) In that case, my solemn duty—being that freedom is a right, a gift from God, and not a privilege— would to rise and fight that ruler until he or she is no longer in power.

What I can't (absolutely, categorically) do is wait until that ruler is removed from power to speak out, and criticize him or her.

So, the concept of mounting a revolution is intrinsic to Daheshism. However, it's how you go about waging that battle, as it were, that makes the difference being honorable or not. Again, this is my own understanding based on (both) what I read, and my personal contact with the Doctor.

Basically, you have to be the conduit that allows Divine Justice to take over, it that makes any sense...
"Fail, to succeed."

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