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Default Extra Terrestrial or Extra Stellar

Quote from Mario: Let's ponder this for a minute: if what we (humans) perceive is an illusion, then, perhaps extra-terrestrial and extra-stellar are interchangeable. My point being this: if a lofty entity can bend time and space, or break the laws of physics as we know them, in the hope that we come to the conclusion that there is something far grander than our perceived reality, then for all we know, our universe as we know it is a creation put together by a sub-contractor to whom we have been assigned.
You, I believe, are absolutely correct. The angelic personnel working God may be complex and numerous. I don't think I will ever be certain about the exact cause and effect of all the things that have happened in my life. But I have some other sense, other than touch, vision, smell, hearing, and taste, that there is probably a great deal beyond this earth.

But my reference was meant simply to separate reference to forces within the solar system versus forces from outside the solar system. "Our System" is not restricted to the Sun and its' 9 or maybe only 8 planets. Despite the difficulty of measuring forces beyond Earth, they may be influencing us more than we know.
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