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Originally Posted by Y.S. View Post
It's according to our deeds. Storms and earthquakes at many times and even most of the times happen as a punishment to bad deeds, etc...
How about we reserve judgement on whether something is a punishment until we are given (through revelation) the real, hidden reason behind it.

And being that the era of divine revelations died with the Doctor, how about we consider the possibility that not everything is a punishment. For all we know, it's for our own good. A forest may burn and force people to move to what might turn out to be a better place. Sometimes, from what I was told, it is better for a human to suffer an "act of God" and pass away (as tragic as that may sound) than to remain on Earth, and continuing to lower his or her Spiritual Fluids. My point being is that it's more complex than saying, "this is a punishment."
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