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Since this HAS become a soap opera (minus the commercials) let's go all the way:

I feel responsible.

I believed him when, for years, he gave me the impression he was NOT like that. Seriously, why on Earth would I even say all the great things about him (and I meant every word) which lead to him, finally, FINALLY, to find (according to him) his "Soul Mate."

But then... wow... talk about a transformation. But, by then it was too late.

And, hadn't she begged me to talk sense into him that evening regarding his lunch with the woman whose name rhymes with "dawn"...

You know, this reminds me of that book "Daheshism and the Journey of Life."

The first three chapters, the author sets a tone of open-mindedness then, POW, just as he has gained your trust and you've let down your guard, he switches masks and ... even attacks modern music (which I ALWAYS felt was hyprocritical since he, himself, THAT author, whom YOU also met in person Sandrine, LOVES DISCO MUSIC in addition to classical music! OK, his reasoning is that Disco is "very classical"... Hey, whatever floats your boat, but don't you dare go knocking down modern music in writing when you, yourself, love Dicso Music!)

Nothing rubs the wrong way like someone who does things JUST so that they later say "Hey, I did my duty." Like this time our friend "O'TOOL" sent a message of sympathy to a Daheshist Brother who lost his sister in a terrible helicopter crash.

Once he sent the email he said "OK, I've done my duty."

He had zero respect or love for the guy. He even told me that the guy (A Doctor in Education and Professor at Columbia University no Less) once called his mother while being drunk and said all sorts of lude things...

Then again, his mother once totally acted as if I wasn't in front of her when I once ran into her in the clinic's waiting room (we lived in the same town).
I swear, I went up to her and said "Hello Mrs. so an so "

She turned her face around... I had to ask the nurse to let me out of the "exit" door so that I wouldn't run into her again.

And, what thanks do I get for having helped her son find his sould mate?

The first thing out of her mouth when she meets the Daheshist Woman are words against me... ? At least the woman had the courage to politely put a stop to it.

Maybe she imagined I called her as well... Like her son imagined I wanted to do a calendar of naked women for the business...

I swear... Some people are so sure of themselves that they instill doubt in you. I even called my photographer, a woman I've been working with for 10 years, and the Academic Dean of a photography school and I said to her... "is it possible that I might have seriously suggested something like that?" she said "NO"... I was still doubting myself, so I called my former Agent, and asked him "Sid, is it possible that I might have said that?"

Sid said: "Well, he called YOU a pornographer in front of me" (in fact, he used to say that to me often...jokingly of course... )

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