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Old 09-25-2015, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Honey View Post

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself. In actual fact, I cyber-met Mario a few years ago, but I lost contact with him.

I suppose I looked up "Dr Dahesh" again for a number of reasons, but the foremost being that I want to know more about my family tree.

I grew up hearing about Dr Dahesh - it was a bit of a fantastic, mystical fairy story for a young child. An uncle that was a magician. I don't know if i really believed the stories.

As a teenager, I met his sister. My beautiful great-grandmother who was worth more than her weight in gold. I also met her children, one who has an UNCANNY resemblence to Dr Dahesh (his nephew actually). I was told even more fanciful stories, but again, as a young teenager, laughed off my aunts recollections of levitations and thought my dear great-grandmother was losing her marbles. I wish I could have those moments back with her.

Anyway, jumping forward, a group of Daheshists in Sydney in the mid-90's, in a very bizarre way, became acquainted with my sister and, I'm not sure of the detail, sensed something from her. When they became aware of her connection to Dr Dahesh, it was very overwhelming. I think they gave her a copy of TIME or LIFE magazine with articles of him inside. I must say at this time, we all had no idea there was such a big Daheshist movement,

I have always been interested in my family tree and have always been very curious about Dr Dahesh.

So, this is why I have joined this group and will enjoy reading all of your posts and bits of information.

Thank you and Peace.
Hello cousin!

It would be nice to get in touch since I am also related to Dr Dahesh through his mother. I'm always interested to get to know more about my family, but it's so hard to get information from my Middle Eastern side especially.

If you read this, send a message and I'll reply!

Best regards!
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