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Old 07-29-2018, 02:24 PM
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Default Message to "L. Dada" and "G. Zaatar"

To whom it may concern:

Around 1986 or so, I was instructed to keep the following items (see image below).

These were originally sent from Beirut to my then-address in Boston, and I subsequently drove them to their final destination right outside NYC (as I have done with prior shipments from the Daheshist Mission house).

This time, the person in-charge, for reasons beyond my control, refused to accept them, and directed me to hold on to them.

Again for reasons beyond my control, these items remained in my care all these years, safely tucked away in a shipping box. That box is, and has always remained inside a climate-controlled environment. In other words, wherever I lived, it lived as well.

Most of them are the creation of a person who goes by the name of "L. Dada" and one item is by one "G. Zaatar."

If anyone knows who these people are, please inform them that their labors of love never made it to their final destination because, as I explained, the person in-charge refused to take them, and instructed me to hold on to them. And, once again, despite my best efforts, these items, which I have done my best to safeguard throughout all these years, are — so far — in "one piece."

"Fail, to succeed."
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