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Old 08-16-2008, 02:11 AM
Ziyad Ziyad est déconnecté
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Default Kennedy Assassination prediction

One of the most fascinating Dahesh miracles I read about is the one where Dahesh predicted the Kennedy assassination with numerous details.

Here is what I read : Two weeks before JFK was killed, Dahesh gave lawyer Edward Noon a sealed envelope and told him to put it in a closed drawer.

When Kennedy was shot, Dahesh directed journalists to Edward Noon who opened the envelope. In it was the exact prediction of the time and place of the murder, the name of Oswald, the name of Ruby who would later kill Oswald, and the number of shots that reached Kennedy.

What is particularly troubling is that there was one discrepancy. The number of shots predicted by Dahesh was n+1 the number that was publicly announced by US authorities when the Dahesh envelope was opened. It was only a few days later that the US investigation found out that one additional bullet had reached Kennedy's body.

So Dahesh had it right.

How do you explain this ? And one "moral" question : Wasn't Dahesh supposed to publicize his vision before the assassination happened ? Why do you think he did not ? Do you think he felt that there was some "natural order of things" that should never be troubled even when we have specific info that could alter the way things go ? Or was he simply afraid that no one would take him seriously ?

What strikes me when I read about Dahesh is not as much his powers (however impressive they might be), but the fact that Dahesh never or very rarely used his powers to effect change in real life. It is a testament to his character and we can only admire the fact that he did not uses his powers for personal gain, but when it comes to society facing evil, do you think he should have intervened more ?

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Old 08-16-2008, 09:08 AM
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In my personal experience, the Doctor rarely got involved in people's affairs and for the following reason: for their own good—believe it or not.

Now, the logical question is as follows :

"How can it be better for me to go outside and suffer injury or even death than for me to be told not to do so and therefore avert all danger that awaits me?"

The answer (and this is a trademark of Daheshist thinking) is as follows (and purely for theatrical effect, I'll put the answer in quotes):

"There are worse things than injury or even death should a person choose to refuse to listen to a Prophet."

That is why (I think) Doctor Dahesh only told—those who he knew would listen to him—what he really thought about what they should or should not do.

For as long as I could remember, many individuals would approach him and ask "should I do this, should I do that?" and he would politely reply "that's up to you."

And in one instance, for example, where he clearly knew that one Daheshist's van was going to be stolen, (and as told to me by my brother Chucri) the Doctor merely asked the Daheshist "Where did you park your van?" and the Daheshist replied by providing him the location of the van (I can't remember the exact details of the geographical location) and that's when the Doctor just threw in a little comment along the lines of "I hope it is a safe spot" and left it at that.

The Daheshist (who incidentally, and of all the Daheshists, was **theoretically** trained to capture those special nuances) just said "Yes, I wouldn't worry about it."

Of course, the van was stolen that same day.

Anyone who knew anything (really) about Doctor Dahesh would have IMMEDIATELY rushed to move the van. Or at least inquired, or asked the Doctor "Do you think I should move it?" and I am sure (in this case) the Doctor (sensing the true intention behind the question) would have said "Yes, it would be better."

What was the loss in this case?

A van (and with all that entails: money, energy lost, emotional stress etc.)

OK, now, let us imagine the Doctor saying to the Daheshist "You must move your van because it will be stolen." And imagine the Daheshist not taking the Doctor seriously.

If you ask me? The result of such an act might cause a disaster far greater than the mere loss of a van (which is, granted, bad enough): spiritual ramifications of a serious order.

And, with that, we come to JFK.

If his assassination was meant to be averted, then Dahesh would have spoken out. But, for one reason or the other, the world had to suffer this great loss and everything else that came after it.

In other words, either Doctor Dahesh could have stopped the assassination but (and by Divine Order, and despite the burden he must have felt as a result) refrained from doing so (or else, he too would have suffered great consequences) or... perhaps ... it was better this way.

And I can almost feel the shock waves of disbelief as a result of my statement.

Perhaps JFK himself could have escaped this fate had he not (dare I suggest) allowed himself to indulge in so many of the ephemeral Earthly temptations.... despite the greatness he carried within him (in reference to the origins of some of his Spiritual Fluids—which are noble and from a higher dimension) which makes the assassination even more tragic. Add to that, the horrific manner he died, and the effect it had on his wife, and the whole world watching.

No one was the same after the JFK assassination.

If JFK is a reincarnation of Lincoln and what happened in 1963 was (practically speaking and for reasons we might never know) a replay of Lincoln's assassination, then (in my perhaps judgmental opinion) JFK could have rewritten history.

But some of his actions...

Alas, he could not overcome certain temptations (and, let's face it, he went overboard!) and that was (perhaps) why no outside intervention (even in the form of a prophet calling the white house and informing them of what was about to happen) ever took place.

And maybe Doctor Dahesh knew the outcome of a phone call to the White House...

Perhaps he knew that JFK would not take him seriously... and that is why perhaps it was better (from a spiritual point of view) for JFK to be extracted from this dimension, for fear that he might lower any more of those precious Spiritual Fluids—the kind that return to Earth and assume power and bring positive change... in fact... can anyone name one great political leader of the USA since JFK? Sure, some might argue that JFK was mostly a myth and that, as a president, he might have been not as effective as others. But WHO provided the kind of spiritual and moral boost that JFK provided?

Personally, I am mad as hell at him... Just as I am made as hell as certain Dahehists who I strongly believe have noble Spiritual Fluids, who were meant to achieve great things in the name of Daheshism...

And even then, Doctor Dahesh did not intervene... he practically died alone. God only knows the degree of disappointment he felt and how much that broke his health...

So, thank you Ziyad for your analysis and kind words about Doctor Dahesh. Indeed, he could have intervened, but even when he saw a clear vision of what was going to happen to him: jail, torture and exile, he did not run and hide or rely upon the power of the mighty Brother Ali, who can split Planet Earth in two in a blink of the eye...
"Fail, to succeed."

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Old 08-16-2008, 09:40 PM
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I was 19, attending college, and deeply affected. However, in retrospect, I believe JFK's assasination was meant to happen. But the entire Kennedy family seems to be destined to suffer a cruel fate. I think somehow that they are all doomed because of the sins commited by Joseph P Kennedy Sr. which may be deeper than originally thought. Those that seemed to be spared, really were not spared at all. Really, have you ever seen a family with a greater share of misfortune.
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Old 08-25-2008, 01:10 PM
WingedPaladin WingedPaladin est déconnecté
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Originally Posted by ronschaum View Post
I was 19, attending college, and deeply affected. However, in retrospect, I believe JFK's assasination was meant to happen. But the entire Kennedy family seems to be destined to suffer a cruel fate. I think somehow that they are all doomed because of the sins commited by Joseph P Kennedy Sr. which may be deeper than originally thought. Those that seemed to be spared, really were not spared at all. Really, have you ever seen a family with a greater share of misfortune.
I am reminded of two families. The first family being King David's household and the second, the Smith family in which two brothers, Joseph and Hyrum, were martyred for what they believed in.
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Old 01-19-2016, 02:41 PM
Y.S. Y.S. est déconnecté
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Thanks so much brother Ziyad for posting this great article that strengthens our faith in the power of the unseen spirit; and in God almighty who is seen, through, his great wonders that are done by his guiding beloved prophet, and the prophets who preceded him.

May the the great soul of John Kennedy rest in peace. Amen.

My brotherly love to you all.

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