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Old 02-11-2007, 10:53 PM
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Default Exclusive Photographs of the Dahesh Salon in Beirut!

Much is written about Doctor Dahesh's Museum in New York City. We also know that the late 20th Century, the Dahesh Museum openly disavowed any connection with a Daheshist spiritual mission—furthermore, it went as far as saying that "they" (the Daheshists) made it up.

We recommend that people read about one particular Daheshist (The Martyr Ali Ombargi) who, thanks to one quote from the Dahesh Museum—an organization that manages a collection he practically gave his life for—evidently died for a cause that never existed.

Here are a couple of snapshots taken in 1999 for us by a trusted and brave Daheshist (who did put his life on line many times in order to protect that collection born—evidently—out of a mere love of collecting... as the Museum would have us think... ). It shows one of the "Salons" (now, of course, totally empty) from diametrically opposite points of views. But note the ceiling height. Imagine this huge room (and many others like it, filled with paintings and sculpture. It is a miracle these hallowed grounds survived the brutal civil war and the evil intent of the enemies of Daheshism, who tried as they may, could not diminish the image of Daheshism...

No, for that, we would have to wait for 1996 and read the Art News Magazine Article!

After all, the pen IS mightier than the sword (or the Rocket...)

(To see the images, please register and enter the "Members Only" section)

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