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Old 12-01-2009, 12:28 PM
Jorge Jorge est déconnecté
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Originally Posted by Mario View Post
Wow... I know you're not making this up. So you'll forgive me for asking if the rooster was named "Foghorn Leghorn!"

Talk about life imitating art!

Or ... maybe ... he had a score to settle with the rooster.
Actually, I have no recall whether the rooster had a name. It belonged to a neighbor and roamed the neighborhood. No I couldn't have made this up, I don't have that good an imagination. I just think that this variety of hawk is not very intelligent, or maybe, this one was retarded. Or maybe you are right, he had a score to settle with the rooster. Whatever the case, it was a bad choice.

Originally Posted by Mario View Post
I am not sure if we covered that part somewhere else on Daheshville, but there is another story by Doctor Dahesh that teaches us the following:

As far as humans are concerned, snakes only bite (and kill) those for whom the venom is intended. In other words, think on snakes as "executors" as well as "executioners."

That being said, you'll never catch me getting near a Black Mamba or any venomous snake.

Also, you are absolutely right (in the context of Daheshism) in not considering these animals (or any animal) as intrinsically evil. True, while, some are more or less "evil" than others within their own ranks — when viewed as a specie, they are not evil. Of course, some are... and others might seem evil where in fact they are carrying out divine justice, such as venomous snakes.
It's good to note that not all snakes are venomous. And those that are not seem to have less of an attitude.

Originally Posted by Mario View Post
And here is another story for you: a mother throws her baby son and daughter to the wolves in order to save her own skin. She reincarnates as a lovely individual and on her wedding night, she is shredded to pieces by two wolves... (again, from Doctor Dahesh's books — and I am grossly summarizing the story and potentially killing the suspenseful tension and drama in his prose... It's a chilling story in fact, one of which I was reminded when I read of the demise of the young Canada singer who was mauled by coyotes while taking a stroll in the forest... I know it is very hard to look at such tragedies and try to look beyond the tragic occurrence and the need to seek revenge against the coyotes. Furthermore, and just so that we're clear: I am not saying we should let ourselves be attacked by animals... anymore we should let a tyrant reek havoc in the world — regardless of whatever true reasons there are for his existence. In other words, just because certain spiritual fluids merited to be born and suffer under a tyrant, due to their behavior, that does not justify letting the crimes against them go unchecked.
I am sorry, I think I am opening a tangent here, so I'll revert course and remain on topic.

That is a wise observation. For sure, there are things we should not tell children, including the fact that some Clowns are also evil: they drink too much and beat their spouses... And how about Santa...

But think about it: you could have been perched on a branch of tree that happened to have a dark side... or that might have had a score to settle with you...

The world is a dangerous place and it ain't no Warner Bros. Cartoon!
For certain, in my childhood, I was innocent. And I always felt protected. Although at times I was fearful of the dark, the unknown, I always felt that through positive thinking I could overcome evil no matter where it came from. In fact, I have come to feel that the many positive benefits that I have enjoyed in this life must be due to Divine protection. And for this I am truly grateful.

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Old 12-02-2009, 05:04 AM
zionic zionic est déconnecté
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Great discussion.
"Call me late, just don't call me late for dinner."-Checker Flag Bubba
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