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Default The Spiritual Fluids According to Doctor Dahesh

12-06-2015, Update: Please check out this post: "A Summary of Daheshism" http://www.daheshville.com/forum/sho...=6005#post6005


I am writing this on the heels of the discussion we recently had about Spiritual Fluids. And so I went back to Loutfi Radwaan's book: "Miracles and Prodigies of Doctor Dahesh as Told by the Reporter Loutfi Radwan" (Chapter Title: "The Spiritual Fluid, A Scientific Understanding")

This book was published on JULY 16, 1979.
The copy I have was a gift from Doctor Dahesh.

Before I share with all of you this passage drawn from Loutfi Radwaan's book, it might be worthwhile to point out that, in the final analysis, understanding what Fluids are is akin to understanding the characteristics of atoms, or particles.

Let me give you an example: A block of wood is in the final analysis nothing but empty space and the particles that make it up are not really"solid" (as we understand the meaning of the adjective "solid" to be), but they are —rather—made of energy.

And when it comes to defining what energy is, we cannot describe it in terms of a shape (outline) or form (physical structure), or weight... just as as we would when defining a block of wood, or a chair — both of which are the end-result of that amalgam of particles, which "got together" and formed molecules, and so on and so forth, thus building the final "image" (or "projection" if you will) of that block of wood or chair.
Pssst! If what you just read made you yawn and you were suddenly overtaken with the need to sleep, then this is where we say "Good Night!"
The reason I am saying all this is because, want it or not, we cannot — in my opinion — truly fathom what Fluids are.

In other words, if we cannot force our brains to ponder the nature of the sub-particle world, how can we expect to begin to be able to grasp the true essence of Spiritual Fluids (assuming we can in the first place) ?

The good news is, and for those who despise physics, one can have an "intuitive notion" about them. And that's OK.
After all, being a genius in Physics is not a guarantee for Spiritual Enlightenment.

That being said, we can use metaphors, analogies, and simplified models in the process. In the case of models, dare I assume we've all seen the classic Atomic structure represented with Styrofoam ® (it IS a brand!) balls? By the same token, we can represent a complex building— in which we happen to be reading the "YOU ARE HERE" — as a simplified map.

Personally, I don't think anyone can escape having to read up on Nuclear Physics (and ponder these concepts for years) in order to begin to feel comfortable with the notion that (for example) Gravity, like Magnetism and all the other forces that weave our Universe are, in essence Spiritual Fluids. And in the final analysis, sub, sub, sub..... particles of the sub...sub...sub... particles. And that, at the end of the day, we will never understand how it all works.

Please, don't shoot the messenger!

Doctor Dahesh implied that in his writings.

If such is the case, then what good does learning bring us if "the" mystery will never—ever— be fully understood?

Perhaps —in such cases— learning should be about how a person can be potentially transformed versus reaching the finish line.

That being said, I'll now distill for you what Loutfi Radwaan understood from what was written as far as the Daheshist Principles — as proclaimed by Doctor Dahesh from the start, and later adopted by thousands of his educated followers :

"Man" is made up of a body, a soul, and a spirit.

Incidentally, in Arabic, "Soul" and "Spirit" are interchangeable.
(Radwaan, who also interviewed Dr. Brax, did not make a distinction between the two by either using (in Arabic): "نفس" versus "روح" which, again, are used interchangeably in Arabic.)
OK, so "Man" is made of a body (singular), a soul — which is the "ensemble" or aggregate of his fluids(plural), and a Spirit.

Remember the antidote to insomnia (my preamble) above?
Good, because we're about to add a slightly higher level of difficulty:

The (human) body itself is made up of fluids — formal, generic fluids found in "nature" (which, is also made of fluids...)
Let's use some analogies: Imagine a honey comb. The honey the bees produces varies in taste based on what flowers they eat from. However, they all make the same kind of wax.

Or, imagine two computers using the same parts, yet, are different in the sense that they are run by two different operating systems. Think "Software" versus "Hardware." Better yet, imagine all the computers of the world use the same type of metal frame...
Hence, in the Universe, there exists generic building blocks in the same fashion we have generic bricks and mortar that can either go into the construction of a palace or electrical room.

Enter the SPIRITUAL fluids (a step above the GENERIC fluids), and these are (technically speaking) the SOFTWARE that makeup the essence of the human self.

As for the SPIRIT, ah... well, it is a Divine and Pure essence that is not bound by the natural laws, and resides in the community (or society) of SPIRITS.


"THE SPIRIT is located in the community of Spirits which was created by the "CREATIVE FORCE (I am translating verbatim) THAT IS GOD ALMIGHTY" before time or space ever existed.

And the Spirits are the ORIGIN of ALL OF CREATION, and (it says here) THE MOTHERS OF ALL THE BEINGS.

From these "MOTHERS," — or "Mother-Spirits" — the FLUIDS are dispatched (or sprung)and these Fluids in turn make up (or form) the beings varying in levels according to "DIVINE WISDOM and COSMIC LAWS" , and to THEM (shall) return (the Fluids) after the FLUIDS have reached the height of their elevation and purification.
Now, a small parenthesis: Apparently, "Miracles" are the only tangible, immediate, unequivocal "proof" of the SPIRIT REALM and (of course) Spiritual Fluids. And we're not talking about scientific proof in the strictest academic sense of the term. When I use "proof" in the context of MIRACLES, I am thinking more in terms of "Faith being reinforced" ... although that could also apply to scientific experiments... so... how about "having a gut feeling this is real..." )
Otherwise, the only "proof" of the existence of the Spiritual Fluids are... well their effect. For example, a particular Spiritual Fluid inside an individual causes him to act in a way that hurts another person.

We cannot see the Spiritual Fluid. Nor feel IT. But we can feel its affect.
As indicated before, only the HIGHER SPIRITUAL FLUIDS can (I suppose) "order" the other "Fluids" to (for example) restructure a particular molecular structure of an object.

And NO one, NO man NOR Woman (as far as Daheshist Doctrine) is a vessel for such a HIGHER LEVEL OF SPIRITUAL FLUIDS except those chosen by the Divine WILL to be such vessels: The PROPHETS.
Now, the plot thickens: The Spiritual Fluids that "thrive" in EVERY "MAN" are broken down into three categories: Spiritual, Material, and Inferior in their tendencies.

Did I mention "EVERY MAN" has these ?

And "relative equilibrium" (meaning, I suppose, that one should not compare him or herself to others, but to one-self) CAN only be achieved when the Fluids that have a Spiritual (lofty) tendency are able to dominate the other two.

OK, so to recap: We have "Generic Fluids and Spiritual Fluids".
And the "Spiritual Fluids" are broken down into three types:

Spiritual ( as in "lofty") in their tendencies.
Material in their tendencies.
Lowly in their tendencies.

Now, The Spiritual Fluids that have a tendency towards loftiness, are the ONLY ones that are allowed to leave the Earth towards a loftier world.

Whereas the Fluids with Material Tendencies shall remain within the ATTRACTION of the EARTH.

As for the Fluids with Lowly tendencies — and by "virtue" of their wickedness and being rotten — they will be subject to the Attraction of the INFERNAL WORLDS.

Not that, on Earth, we do not have isolated pockets that can be categorized as being "Infernal"... But, let's just think about how much worse a WHOLE world of HELLISH living can be like...And, I am not just talking about losing the TV's remote control... which we sometimes need to resort to, in order to turn off the TV News...
And every SPIRIT is a TRUE MOTHER (Mother-Spirit) to a group of Beings that are linked to IT via INVISIBLE BEAMS (or RAYS), and IT (the MOTHER-Spirit) rises and falls (in terms of HER spiritual rank) in accordance with the rise and fall of the Beings connected to it (or SHE had ... technically "created")

Then Loutfy Radwaan explains that he heard from Doctor Dahesh that every FLUID will be judged according to his actions — may they be good or evil. In either case, Reward or Punishment may come TO HIM sooner or later in the current life in or ANOTHER LIFE ( It COULD BE PASSED ON to a SON or GRANDSON) or that Spiritual Fluid could literally receive its due in some other materialization.

Radwaan continues by writing that one of the brightest and clearest truths that the Daheshist Spiritual Sessions have revealed is that there doesn't exist ONE ORB, may it be a planet or a star, that does not house LIFE and BEINGS whose makeup extends from that planet's or star's elements.

And "MAN" does not have the necessary senses to detect them, for their vibrations far exceed his range (on BOTH the high and low end).

The BILLIONS of STARS and PLANETS are broken down into 150 LOFTY SPIRITUAL LEVELS and 150 LOWLY levels.

The upper levels make up the WORLDS OF PARADISE (or Paradisaical Worlds) and the lower levels, the INFERNAL WORLDS.

And EVERY Higher or Lower level encompasses MILLIONS of MATERIAL ORBS, each containing it own LAWS, CLIMATE and INHABITANTS.

EARTH, on the SCALE OF THE COSMIC CIVILIZATIONS is situated exactly BETWEEN the upper worlds and lower ones.

No space ship or rocket can lead us to the whatever GLORY awaits us in the UPPER worlds. Only an inner spiritual rising will allow the FLUID, after departing from MAN, to materialize in the UPPER WORLD it merits materializing in.

On the other hand, if MAN lowers himself and clings to all that worldly, well, then MAN puts HIMSELF in the field of attraction of the LOWER WORLDS and his FLUIDS will MATERIALIZE there —after they depart from him — on a Planet filled with Ignorance and Darkness, and Wickedness, and where untold misery and hardship are rampant, and that is according to the DIVINE COSMIC LAWS.
"Fail, to succeed."

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