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Default "The Sacred Symbol"

أولاً - الرمز المقدس

على كل داهشي (أو داهشية ) كتابة " الرمز الداهشي المقدس " يومياً في الساعة السادسة صباحاً ، والساعة السادسة مساءً ، وذالك بالنسبة للشخصيات الست . وإذا لم يستطع التقيد بالتوقيت المذكور لظروف قاهرة ، فعليه كتابة " الرمز المقدس " مرتين في اليوم ، مرةً في الفترة الصباحية الممتدة حتى قبيل الظهر ، ومرةً في الفترة المسائية الممتدة حتى قبيل منتصف الليل .

و ليكتب الداهشي ( أو الداهشية ) " الرمز " بخشوع تام وإيمانٍ عميق بما يكتبه .

و عليه ألا يضمن الدعاء الروحي أي أمرٍ مادي ؛ فهاذا من المنكرات .
بل عليه أن يطلب الرحمة والغفران ، أو إبعاد الأذى والخطر ، أو المساعدة الروحية ، أو الارتقاء الروحي ، أو أن يتم ما فيه الخير لكاتب " الرمز " أو للرسالة الداهشية ؛ وهذا على سبيل المثال لا الحصر . وليدع الأمر في تفصيل حاجاته و طلباته للعالم الروحي نفسه ؛ فهو يعرف حاجات كل إنسان ، و ما ينفعه وما يضره

The following is the translation of the above text.
It is incumbent upon each Daheshist Man or Daheshist Woman to write the "Sacred Daheshist Symbol" every day from six o'clock in the morning and six o'clock in the evening. And that is relative to the Six Personalities. And if he or she is unable to abide by the aforementioned timing due to extenuating circumstances, for then he or she must write the "Sacred Symbol" twice during the day: once during the morning period extending to shortly before the noon hour, and once during the evening period extending to shortly before midnight.

And let the Daheshist Man or Daheshist Woman write the "Symbol" with complete piety and deep faith in what he or she is writing.
And he or she are not to incorporate within the spiritual request any matter of a material nature ; for this would be an abomination.

Nevertheless, he or she should for example ask for,
and not limited to, mercy and forgiveness, or the repelling of harm and danger, or a spiritual assistance, or spiritual loftiness, or that all that is beneficial to the author of the "Symbol" or the Daheshist Message would be fulfilled. And let he or she leave the matter of detailing his or her needs and wants to the Spiritual World itself; for the Spiritual World knows the needs of every person and what is beneficial or harmful to them.
A couple of items are worth mentioning: The actual author was not specified — in other words, we do not not know if the text was written verbatim by Doctor Dahesh or was developed from an outline. What prompts us to bring this up is the fact that in all the publications issued during Doctor Dahesh's time, the Daheshist Prayer was referred to (as featured in the published versions of the conferences given by Dr. Ghazi Brax and in Loutfy Radwan's book — a copy of which Doctor Dahesh offered Mario Henri Chakkour ) as "The Daheshist Spiritual Symbol" , or in Arabic:

الرمز الروحي الداهشي

As for the model of the Symbol printed in Loutfy Radwan's book (which was published on August 16, 1979) as well as the last Conference by Dr. Brax in Belgium corresponds to the model featured in Daheshville, with the following exception:

All versions of the Symbol that were printed typically featured the following request: "That I may be granted with a Spiritual Session" (and actually, and as per the movie series, we've seen that the actual sentence literally reads: "That it may be granted to me with a Spiritual Session")

This, of course, was a special request that a person would write once every day (for one month). However, since the age of the Spiritual Sessions has ended with the departure of Doctor Dahesh, so has this unique Symbol's life.

That aside, Loutfi Radwan specifically writes that the Doctor instructed him to write "With his permission, he who is exalted" right after the main request for a Spiritual Session.

In Arabic, therefore, the complete sentence would have been:
أن يسمح لي بجلسة روحية بإذنه تعالى

And, historically, we can see this request featured right under the Daheshist Star on the back cover of on the lecture given by Dr. Ghazi Brax at the Assembly hall of the American University of Beirut, on May 12, 1970 (shown below: The French version, translated by Mrs. Marie Hadad)

As for the actual star itself, it featured a set of letters which when put all together, would spell "Jathabooha" or "They Attracted Her"

Please also note that the header did not (at the time) contain the mention of either the Six Personalities or the Twentieth Fluid.

But notice the inclusion of بإذنه تعالى

Also, in this version, the main part of the request (the first line) reads:

"That it may be granted to me to perform a spiritual session..."

This would be changed to the simpler version in subsequent printings of the Symbol: "That I would be granted with a Spiritual Session"

But the "With his permission, he who is exalted" portion would not reappear, until Loutfi Radwan's book in 1979. For those interested in double-checking this fact: please find the first edition and turn to page 206 in the book.

In 1974, the Daheshist Spiritual Symbol would undergo major changes.

The first and most noticeable change is the introduction of the names of the Prophets: Dahesh (center) then Moses (Top Right tip) then going counter-clockwise, David, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammad. Then, we see the inclusion of the Six Personalities in the header and around the star and at it center.

Then, and also in 1974, the following version was published. Note the introduction of the "Twentieth Fluid". Also, please compare both versions: The one featuring the Prophets should not mention the "Twentieth Fluid" in the header. Only the "Six Personalities" are mentioned in the header, right under "The Beloved Guiding Prophet"

And incidentally, it was that version that the Doctor Dahesh instructed Mario Henri Chakkour to keep writing as usual. It is also this version that Brother Ali caused to reappear from its ashes, circa 1983 (after Mario burnt it so that the latter can sign it. Mario was asked to write and burn a Symbol right before Doctor Dahesh. Historically, Mario's brother (Chucri) taught him all three versions of the symbol (as well as the one featuring the Prophets). However, and after learning to write the symbol featuring the names of the prophets, Chucri would direct Mario to write the symbol using the version featured right above and which had since appeared in Loutfi Radwan's book, as well as Dr. Ghazi Brax's "Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism"

Ironically, and even though the age of Spiritual Sessions was over, the back cover still featured the request for a Spiritual Session.

Common mistakes such as these were apparently ... common. For example, the booklet states that the publishing date was "March 4, 1986" whereas it states that the Lecture was presented on March 5, 1986...

That is why our role here is to make sure all the facts are checked.

And as far as the lecture in Antwerpen, Belgium was concerned, we can vouch for the fact it was given in 1986, and certainly after the Lecture "Daheshism, the Message Emanating from the Essence of Established Religions" which was given by Mario Henri Chakkour and David Michael Johnson at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in January 1986. This lecture was Video taped. Among those Present, were Mrs. Mervat Zahid, Ms. Amira Zahid, Mr. Mahmood Zahid, Mr. Gibran Majdalany.

Above is a snapshot that Ms. Amira Zahid took of the original and large format banner that David and Mario created together. The banner was displayed for several weeks.

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We merged the two posts into one. See above for the updates. Thank you.
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We merged all the Daheshist Symbol Movies on YouTube into one Playlist whose duration is 3:35:24

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