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Old 09-06-2008, 09:11 AM
Ziyad Ziyad est déconnecté
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Default Meaning of dreams in Daheshism

I noticed that you talk a lot about dreams and their significance.

What is the source of this interest ? Did Dahesh insist on interpreting dreams ?

And finally, what is the difference between the Daheshist interpretation of dreams and the classical freudian interpretation of dreams ?

Thank you
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Old 09-07-2008, 02:02 AM
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Mario Mario est déconnecté
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You might find parts of this thread which Ron started on July 28, 2008 to be relevant.

As far as the interest: There are those of us who firmly believe that an encounter with Doctor Dahesh in a dream signifies an actual connection with him.

Simply stated, when you see Doctor Dahesh, that means a spiritual fluid of yours traveled and came in contact with (perhaps) one (or more) of his spiritual fluids. Think of the internet and how it works...

But the bottom line is this: an interaction occurred.

I remember one very trusted Daheshist sister explaining to me that the Doctor told her in no uncertain terms that when she dreamed of him being upset with her, that was "real." (And, incidentally, this took place before the Doctor's departure from our Earthly dimension).

As far as Doctor Dahesh himself: he wrote many passages in which he described his dreams. Oddly enough, he never offered any interpretation. Sure, if a dream he had was prophetic and came true in every detail possible, then what is there to interpret since history would have provided the explanation. In any case, he would write something to the effect "what a strange dream that was"... or "... and I woke up"

But I've never read anything where he engages in any sort of interpretation. Only description.

Supposedly, and as per the Head of the Trustees, who told it to me personally while her daughter was with us in her car (I was sitting in the back): Even when the Doctor told her about the dream involving him, myself, and the serpent (I've spoken about it on Daheshville), all he told her — as far as any commentary is concerned—when she walked in on him and found him, to her surprise sitting all alone, one early morning, in the kitchen, and asked him what he was doing up so early: "I had the strangest dream..."

As far as Freud... I do not have any information.

So, to recap: in Daheshism, there is no system or tools for interpreting dreams. We believe that dreams have meaning. Some may be prophetic, and only time can prove that right or wrong. Others may be so symbolic that only prophets have access to their real decrypted form.

Then again, other times, you just have a feeling what a dream means.

In other words, if I see a school of sharks attacking me and ripping me to shreds, then I get a phone call from an individual who I know hates me, and he (or she) sound like they want to be my friend... what's to interpret, right?
"Fail, to succeed."
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