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Old 07-22-2009, 10:11 PM
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Default "I am new to Daheshville, where do I start?"

Check out this 12/6/2015 update: THE DAHESHIST THEORY OF REINCARNATION by Mario Henri Chakkour

1 ) If this is your first visit here and you are here just to learn about Daheshist Theory, then your best bet is to start with this thread covering the subject of Spiritual Fluids.

Now, of course, what might be "Theory" to some is "Belief" to others.

Therefore, if you are interested in getting more information with regard to the Daheshist Faith, then we recommend you pay a visit to the rest of the articles in the Lecture Hall.

Beyond that, there is a WHOLE UNIVERSE of ISSUES and DISCUSSIONS for you to discover!

Good luck and enjoy your visit!

2) If you happen to be a Daheshist:

Love it or hate is, Daheshville is as diverse as it is huge.

But, let's say you came here already "HATING" Daheshville, the following is therefore just for you:

The main goal here is to offer a close to a Daheshist Experience as possible by providing an answer to the following question: "What was it like to be in the Dahesh Mansion in Beirut?"

For those of us who where there — in person — there was a broad spectrum of experiences. People discussed, argued, fought, made up (sometimes not), exchanged ideas, tried to convince others they were right — and vice-versa — laughed, cried, and so on and so forth.

These were the variables of the Daheshist Experience.

The Constant was Doctor Dahesh.

Typically, he didn't micromanage people's interactions and rarely did he get involved. He even used to say "even the intestines argue."

But he expected that the Daheshists love one another in true brotherhood and sisterhood.

When Doctor Dahesh, the only constant in Daheshism and the ultimate teacher, would enter the room, the tone always changed and "the students" were at their best behavior.

A lot has happened since Doctor Dahesh passed away on April 9, 1984.

Daheshville — which is an extension of Dahesh.org — was created for one purpose only: to dispel the myth perpetuated by some members of the press circa 1996 that Daheshism was a cult.

And in order to do that, we had to make the difficult choice of OPENLY DISCUSS the actions of some of Doctor Dahesh's "Students" — for it was thanks to them (we feel) that the media began to point the finger and refer to Daheshism as a cult:

Not only did they publicly disavow Doctor Dahesh, they made the Daheshists out to be people with vivid imaginations.

These "Students" claimed they had a very good reason to do so.

Well, so far, we have not seen any good come out of this fateful faux-pas!

Then, came Darrick Troy Evenson: The man who poses as a Daheshist and litters the Internet with a mountain of distortions and lies about Daheshism.

Daheshville, here also, provides a platform for discussion about this real threat to Daheshism.

So, if you are a Daheshist, be aware that Daheshism is under constant attack and that Daheshville — to date — is the only platform that is offering information about this threat as well as a platform for discussion.

We may not agree with your views, but you will never be censored.

So, by all means, join and tell us — to our face — how wrong we are!

However, and based upon prior experience with certain esteemed Daheshists, the only thing is that we kindly ask you follow certain rules when it comes to debating. And when possible, try and actually "listen" to what the other person is saying. In other words, it's OK to broadcast as long as you (at least PRETEND) that you are willing to receive!

In other words, this COULD be YOUR community if you just give it a chance.

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