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Old 08-08-2011, 04:26 PM
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Default Anyone Here Appreciate Bonnie Raitt Music?

I've got the album "The Bonnie Rait Collection". I've copied it to Windows Media Player. If not, I've listened to it so much, I'm certain I would have worn out the CD if that is possible.

I'm always open to suggestions for good sounds if anyone has one to recommend.
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Old 08-13-2011, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Mario View Post
Do you have Raitt's "Luck of the Draw?" If not, I'd get it.

Here is a mixed bag of suggestions, there's Pop, Rock, and Classical.












I was familiar with the songs/music in "Luck of the Draw", but not the album. So I got the album from ITunes to listen to it more closely. If you like blues, "The Bonnie Rait Collection", has a lot to offer. I listened to the samples on Amazon for the albums you recommended. There were a couple of keepers. A couple were not to my taste

It's funny. When I was young, I had the radio on all the time, even when sleeping or napping. I think I had/have a slight hearing problem and some of the nuances of the music went right by. But with head phones, I can enjoy all music much better.

And then there was my son, going through adolescence, late teens and into his twenties. His hearing must be extremely acute and he got so much enjoyment from listening to music. Anyway, he introduced me to music I never would have listened to if left to my own preferences. Now I find myself listening to music I never would have considered. For example, I was never a fan of country music, but he found some that I really liked. And then, many of the country artists today are a lot better and have more to offer than country artists of my youth. Of course, I did have Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and a few others.

Over the years I got burned out on groups like the Beatles, the BG's, Paul McCartney music and a couple of other groups. These days I find Paul McCartney, the Beatles and the BG's, painful listening. I recognize that the Beatles brought a lot of enthusiasm to the 60's music scene, but they have been played far too much. For some reason The Stones "Hot Rocks" album is something to which I never got tired of listening. And although they are syrupy I still like Bread. I like listening to their more popular hits. And I like Bob Dylan more than I did when he was in his prime. I've had some Sheryl Crow albums, but they disappeared over the years. I liked Billy Joel, but he is past his prime I think. Golly, music is a great distraction.

Just tonight I listened to a jazz group at a local park that was accompanied by a vocalist. The group leader was a guitarist by the name of Tom Lagana, and the vocalist was Sara Jones. In the live performance, I liked her and the guitarist was good, but the drummer didn't excite me. But I bought one of his albums anyway. It was great and I'm glad I bought it. Again, it might have been my hearing betraying me.

Another Baltimore local that gives a great performance is a woman, Deanna Bogart. She sings, plays piano and organ, and sax. In the live performance, she was fantastic, but her album was marginal. Live, she was so strong playing the piano and her vocals also strong, (all original music) she blew me away.

There have been some great concerts this summer in the Baltimore area and they were free (except for the album purchases).

I guess I could continue talking about music for a long time, but I'll give this up before wear myself out.

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