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Old 07-07-2007, 05:24 PM
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Default Evidently, lightning can strike twice and in the same place AND...

... You CAN find a needle in a haystack! (A short comedy/horror story)

It all started when he clicked the "reply to all" command and his letter landed in the lap of all the recipients whose email addresses were included in the "memo" he got from her.

He was just minding his business, still licking his emotional wounds from years of hearing his name and reputation being dragged in the proverbial mud... by her.

Indeed, he was banished and excommunicated. Her plan was a success.

Her people and walls made her untouchable...

Then on day... "Karma" met the "internet."

Of all the millions of people who could have received her email, by mistake, he had to be the one to do so!

And if all that was not bad enough to turn her day upside down, he now was in possession of her email address!

But email addresses can be changed and new walls erected.

And so it was... until Karma met the internet once again!

This time, it was beyond Karma... More like... "Cluster Karma!"

Her email, sent to her staff who managed her shop, explained in detail how to travel items— such as scarves and jewelery from Egypt—and avoid declaring them to customs... legally.

Just imagine if her email had fallen in the wrong hands...

Just imagine if her profession is in the legal field, her right to practice law would have been revoked.

Just imagine what her level of embarrassment might have been if her toilet and sink were to be a mere few away from her bed located in a prison cell—just like an "innocent in chains"... totally forsaken and forgotten.

Why tell this story after all these years? What purpose does this serve?

In her own words: "Why not?"
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