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Old 11-03-2007, 03:22 AM
WingedPaladin WingedPaladin est déconnecté
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Default Daheshist Symbol Electronic Vocabulary List

Dear Native Arabic Speakers,

I'm working on a vocabulary list for the Symbol using the program "Before You Know It". Because I do not speak Arabic, it is incomplete and done according to my best guess. I've imported some related cards from other lists that already have the pronunciation, but I'm sure I've imported some unnecessary cards. I don't have pronunciations for most of the cards.

Please download and review the Daheshist Symbol Vocabulary List and let me know what corrections, deletions, or additions I should make.

So that you can view the list, here is the free version of the program which allows anyone to view and practice the list on their computer:

The list can also be viewed by anyone online without needing to download the "Before You Know It" program once I upload it to the www.transparent.com site.

Here is an example list: http://www.byki.com/lists/Arabic/Animals-1-(02-05-07)

I am looking for someone who can provide .wav or .ogg sound files for the Arabic words and make any corrections to the list as necessary.

Thank you,
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Old 11-03-2007, 10:18 AM
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Mario Mario est déconnecté
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Default I endorse this message...

Initially, Winged Paladin wrote me in private regarding this issue. Given that my plate was already full with working on the movie sequel(s) to the Daheshist Symbol movies, I suggested to Winged Paladin the idea of posting this request online.

Now, in view of the recent exchange W.P. and I have had regarding this issue, some might be wondering "why is Mario endorsing such a request, if just only recently he wrote about 'patience' ?"

Perhaps the Daheshist Symbol movies are indeed a good catalyst and creating a demand which needs to be met.

After all, the goal here is to serve humanity.

So, the Daheshist Symbol movies project will continue as planned. Parallel to that, projects such as the one Winged Paladin has initiated should only strengthen the foundation we've been trying — against all odds — to strengthen and secure, as a forerunner to an actual, physical, Daheshist City, one day... God Willing.
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