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Old 05-18-2009, 04:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
Interesting. Was the date 2009 written in the original arabic letter ?

It could be a tip to solve the question we asked whether Dahesh was born in 1909 or in 1912 as the official documents say.

How well did the author of the letter know Dahesh ? Did he have access to personal info on Dahesh's childhood ?
Yes, the 2009 date was mentioned in the original letter. And as far as the riddle in question — and way back — I did find the answer to it in (of all places) one of the books that Doctor Dahesh himself kindly offered me. Please follow this link.

To the best of my knowledge and recollection (and this going back to when I began visiting the Doctor's residence in Beirut), I have never met the author personally, nor have I ever spoken or communicated with him — may it be through telephone or email. I might have spoken to another one of his brothers... That's it...

However, I had already heard enough about him (from people I trust with my own life) to convince me that his words emanate(d) from intentions that are noble.

I know at least 2 Daheshists (with whom I am still in contact) who either have known him very well or have at least met him. From what I've heard: He is highly educated, very intelligent, modest, direct, an independent spirit, fair and wise. Again, I am just reporting what I've heard — and from people who have not seen or spoken to him in years.

Sandrine also mentioned that she remembers him visiting The Doctor who stayed at their house (in the suburbs of Paris) for for almost a month (circa 1980). The *author of this letter* was quiet, discreet, and ... an overall nice fellow. Of course, that was through the (then) eyes of 13-14 year old. She would see him at another occasion when he visited their (by now) other house — circa 1994. She found him to be a very quiet person — but when he spoke, you got the sense that every word was carefully measured.

He should be in his sixties...

Sandrine's own father told me—in no uncertain words—that Doctor Dahesh highly appreciated him. I think I might have seen a photo with Doctor Dahesh in one of the travel books...

Which is probably why he was offered a position at the Publishing House circa 1995, but *something happened* (which I am not at liberty to discuss publicly, and from what I understood from a very reliable, fair, and downright objective observer). But from the looks of it and based on my interviews (and here, I suppose I am updating the initial report) I think the letter (which came almost 5 years after his potential and official involvement with the Daheshist Publishing Co.) came unsolicited.

And here, I must reiterate the following:

He probably doesn't even know we're discussing his letter... and I am not even sure what his position on the matter of our discussing it publicly might be.

However: at this juncture in time and given all that has transpired since April 9, 1984, I think it's out of his hands. Meaning: this letter now belongs to the world. Reason: The World is what's at stake here and if (to paraphrase his sentiments and use my own *eloquent* take on the matter) the "Current Flock" doesn't nurture, grow, and help spread the Great News of the last DIVINE MESSAGE to come before (the much awaited, often debated, and many-a-time fought over business of) the "Last Days" — for Humanity's sake — who the bloody hell will?!

And this cannot be done just *any way*. There has to be a group effort. There has to be an organization. There has to be a platform for discussion.

Sandrine (on whose behalf I feel I speak in this case) and I have said it more than once: the day the Daheshists (whoever decides to step forward and) truly organize and we see a true desire to implement noble values (to the best of their human endeavors) as far as what motivates their interactions, we'll surrender everything.

And here, let me open an important tangent: Anyone who really knows me (personally) knows that I mind my own business. Take that and multiply it by a million when it comes to Sandrine. However, when are called to get involved, and we feel the cause is worthy (based on the claims presented to us) we get involved... and I mean, really involved...

In my case, and because I had (supposedly) this *reputation* for ... (let's call it) *loyalty* (as per Doctor Dahesh), I became the natural target for some.


Who am I to tell this or that person "no, it is not your business to claim you are the one who is supposed to Spread Daheshism!"

But when a person pulls you into their "cause" and throws all that brave rhetoric around, only to later come and tell you (when they hit a wall, and Lord knows only *they* know the meaning of suffering) "This is an ABORTED MISSION!" ... What, on God's Earth does anyone expect a (so-called) "Loyal" person to do?

The reason Dahesh.org and later Daheshville.com came about was because it would have been obscene NOT to have ANY Dahehist presence AFTER the demise of the projects and/or initiatives that preceded it — and which we (at the time) served and supported.

And, as always, and whether the gesture is reciprocated or not, we still feature links to Daheshist web sites (we know of) that surfaced after ours.
"Fail, to succeed."

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Old 05-18-2009, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
Did you write this in bold because it made you think of those who tried to "kidnap" Daheshism recently ?

The letter is prophetic indeed.
Actually, I did that because I had already expressed the same sentiment on Daheshville (somewhere in my posts). I was amazed that someone else had uttered such words.

I've heard things such as ... "This is an aborted Mission...." or "maybe in the next life..." but never "if we don't do it, it shall be removed from our hands and given to others to do!"

As for those (whoever they may be) who tried to "kidnap" Daheshism...
I try to keep a mind on the belief that everything (or just about everything) is a test, or that it certainly happens for a reason — may it be known or unknown.

So, let's say, that the last and worst kind of people we'd want at the helm end up hijacking Daheshism.

Let's imagine that Daheshville never existed even... That all these vital conversations never occurred... and all that might entail in terms of results.

And, let's make it more interesting by imagining that all those who stood idly by and did nothing would have to reincarnate and be subjected to a highly distorted form of Daheshism...

Whose fault would that be?!

Can the worst case scenario happen? Of course. After all, we do have free will.

And, for all we know, it may be too late.

But, too late for whom and what does it matter?

In other words, as a Daheshist who believes that Death is just a transformation and that whatever I don't finish in this cycle I can certainly earn (through my deeds) the privilege to finish in the next one(s), I have to keep working on whatever *project* I began, in whatever capacity I can, until I am officially done with it. And, by *project*, I really mean... everything... may it be paying off my bills, finishing a painting, a translation, you name it... oh, yes, and tending to the needs of those who rely on me... basically ... always aiming for a balance (when possible) and sometimes undergo a life-altering experience from which there is no going back... ever... when needed.

Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
Very interesting. I think this is probably one of the main reasons why the Zahids were so disturbed by this letter.

In order not to be attacked or scrutinized by the press, they wanted to detach the museum from its faith-based origin, and this was perceived by the letter's author as a big mistake, akin to a treacherous act.

What's particularly interesting in this letter is that it is carefully worded. It is always calm and polite and to the point, but it is nonetheless a very violent letter. Every sentence is a slap in the face of the trustees.
Sometimes, violence is needed to shake the ones you care about.

This author could have done what others have : Be a yes-man and milk the Trustees like so many others have.

Unlike others, he was not a sellout.

I am sure the trustees did whatever they thought was best.

Did all those who bowed to them do so for noble reasons?

I am sure many did because they thought that would make the Doctor happy. Hence, those were driven by *faith.* Misguided, but, *faith* nonetheless.

But, when I see people who, back in the day, used to make fun and ridicule the Trustees behind their backs, kiss up to them...(please see my other posts in which I defend the trustees and I describe how they were often the target of jealousy, envy... etc. and how that played a part in defining the dynamic that would later ensue) I simply want to rip my own heart out...
"Fail, to succeed."

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Old 05-18-2009, 09:53 AM
Ziyad Ziyad est déconnecté
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While reading this, I was thinking : why don't you (and Sandrine) go further in taking things into your own hands ?
Why don't you go spend two months in Lebanon, meet the letter's author before he gets too old, meet all the other honest daheshists who do not want the mission to remain inert, and organize some sort of convention of all living daheshists ?
Even if you only gather twenty ot thirty daheshists, it might force the trustees to open a dialogue and put an end to their lethargy ?
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Old 05-19-2009, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziyad View Post
While reading this, I was thinking : why don't you (and Sandrine) go further in taking things into your own hands ?
Why don't you go spend two months in Lebanon, meet the letter's author before he gets too old, meet all the other honest daheshists who do not want the mission to remain inert, and organize some sort of convention of all living daheshists ?
Even if you only gather twenty ot thirty daheshists, it might force the trustees to open a dialogue and put an end to their lethargy ?
Hello Ziyad,

Thank you for the vote of confidence and for the wonderful suggestion ...

As you know, things are sometimes far more complex than they seem. In theory, what you are suggesting is absolutely logical and any rational person would agree that this is what needs to be done. Unfortunately, and I will let Mario go into it in more detail, we can't just go and knock on people's doors and expect them to welcome us with open arms.
We'd love it if that was the case, but I seriously doubt it will be. For example, in the last three years since the creation of Daheshville, how many Daheshists from Beyrouth became members, and how many of them showed that they are really here to be part of The Community, and how many of those ended up leaving us and erase every single message they posted ? ...

And how many registered and turned out to be spies - like this Maria who downloaded almost every post in one night and Mario later discovered that she/he was the one who erased our link in Wikipedia (which we did not post in the first place anyway ... and we do thank whoever was kind enough to post it there).

Lastly, and this may be a minor detail, the letter's author lives in France ... like me and my family who has been cut off for reasons we don't know.

About seven years ago I felt I wanted to contact one of the "Trustees" because I loved her very much when I was young, she used to help me with my homework, she once was with me in my parents' house when I witnessed a Miracle by Doctor Dahesh ... She was kind and patient with me ...

I sent her a letter and I never got a response ...

The most important thing for us is that our Faith in Doctor Dahesh is stronger than ever and that's all that matters ...

We'll continue what we have to do in terms of humbly sharing all the information we have at our disposal for the benefit of humanity ... And if anyone wants to talk to us they know where to find us, if they require our assistance they can ask us ... I think we are really easy to find and very open and accessible to just about everyone, and it would seem to me that we have proven it.

Frankly, I would have expected that more of the younger generation would have come here and express themselves and share the joy of being Daheshist among each other, and also with the rest of the world, because that's what I missed having grown up in - at the time - the only Daheshist family in France ...
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Old 05-20-2009, 08:03 PM
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Sandrine, don't feel so bad. I had one Daheshist act as if I was totally invisible (which is a feat, considering how large and generally opaque I am) when I went up to her and said "hello".

Maybe I should just learn to just say "good bye".

And Ziyad, thank you — indeed— for the vote of confidence.

By virtue of our original mission statement, Sandrine and I are nothing more than sentinels.

Of course, if we are ever invited to give a talk about Daheshism, we are not going to refuse. And if despite our best efforts, we find ourselves thrown into roles we didn't anticipate (Daheshville, for example) who are we to fight Destiny. And we need to always remember that there is a degree of Destiny at play in every person's life.

And we can't forget Father Noah's Letter either.

It may be just a bunch of hooey for the majority of the planet, but to some of us who were blessed with having "touched the Divine Power" (from a letter I received) we see Noah's Letter as a Prophecy. And that Prophecy clearly states that the Spirit of our Guide will gather us.

So, from that aspect, we feel we have to let "The Spirit of our Guide" take care of it. And, we wouldn't want to cross a line we weren't perhaps meant to cross.

Father Noah's letter also states that the life cycle of this planet is shorter than we think...


"Fail, to succeed."

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Old 06-14-2009, 08:08 PM
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Default Page 7...

In our last "Episode" we read...

Dear Sister.....

Our Main Goal is to spread the Message. And achieving that Goal, one that requires many centuries as the Beloved Prophet says, passes through a sequence of interconnected steps and stages some of which cannot be trimmed nor neglected. And our place, we, the members of the current flock, [and as far as] steering Daheshism and its course, is a very important place because it is a fundamental place,
[and as such] it is incumbent upon us, in my opinion, to achieve certain deeds — or else the sequence will break. And these goals are:"

Therefore, now, the author gets to the part where he discusses the goals (or objectives).
1) Creating an Organization [authority]. For the Organization is the head that manages and the heart that stimulates and the tight link that assembles the Daheshists.

2) Gather and fortify the message — [we have] the collection of teachings and a Spiritual [Divine] Faith, the canons and rites, the biography [life]of the Prophet as well as his writings, works, and Miracles, and the biographies [lives] of those who have preceded us and their endeavors.

3) The creation of the bodies and institutions that enables Daheshism — being that it is a religious group and community — to grow and develop. And that is what will permit to constitute the generation that will take our place, and realize the critical transition between those who have preceded us and those who will take our place.
And these objectives are interlinked [fused] and cannot be separated as they work together.

1) Forming The Governing Body:

If the absence of any organization does not require any proof or evidence, then the need for the creation of an organization — also — does not require any proof or evidence.

Daheshism does not only mean: "belief on an individual basis in" or "personal implementation of" the Spiritual Teachings. For in addition to that, there is the principle of persevering — in other words, working on communicating
[spreading] the Message to humankind [the world]. And this task can only be achieved by a group. And any task requiring more than one person becomes one whose organizing is a must. And organization is the link that what makes the Daheshists into an organized group that is able to persevere. Is it conceivable that there would exist any movement — religious or otherwise, large or small and whose ambition is to endure/remain — without there being any organization, may it be secret or public? If a person owns a store where sugar and rice are sold, and in that store there are three employees, then that person organizes the work in that store and places a person at its head — then what of a Spiritual [Divine] Calling aspiring to endure, to conquer the world even?

Organization is a must. However, every time the subject of organization is brought up, it extends into a discussion about the subject of The Will; and if the subject of The Will is brought up,
[here] come the squabbles and animosities. And as far as I am concerned, arguing about The Will is akin to an Byzantine argument built around [trying to figure out] the gender of the Angels. And the state we are in as far as this issue is concerned is akin to having the following situation: imagine you have people whose home has caught fire and that instead of rushing to extinguish the flames, they begin to argue about the question of which hand to use in. Should they use the right or the left hand in order to open the water faucet? Never mind that the fire will eventually get to them before they come to any sort of agreement.

And in my view, solving to the issue requires that we ask two questions — one being closely tied to the other.

The first question is: "Who is in charge
of [directing] The Message [Mission]".

The second question is: "How does one direct the Message?"

The answer to the first question is known and clear and there is no disagreement among the Daheshists as far as it is concerned.

The most qualified of people to be in charge of [direct] the Message is
[all of] you.

And it is a bright truth that imposes itself on all [concerned]: There doesn't exist anyone from among the Daheshists who is more trustworthy than you are with regards to being the directors of the Message. And there cannot be one person from among the Daheshists who reads the writings of the Beloved Prophet who disputes your leadership — or your being the directors — or harbors any animosity towards you. To love you [all] is
[an act of] faith and to despise you is [an act of] blasphemy — whether we like we want to accept it or not.

And I am certain that anyone who is a Daheshist would agree with me.

And with or without a Will, there isn't anyone from among the Daheshists who disputes or opposes your leadership.

And no one else but you
[all] can successfully carry these burdens.

And this is among the issues we're all in agreement with.

However, the problem lies in the fact that no one at all can know how you — yourselves — define your role
[responsibility] in Daheshism.

We don't know whether you
believe that the responsibility of directing Daheshism — in all of its elements — is one of your rights, and what the Will empowers [authorizes] you to do or not do. We don't know if you consider that your jurisdiction is limited to the museum and the publishing house, or not.

You, and as far as everyone knows, did not gather the Daheshists and tell them :
"Your prophet has entrusted me with the direction of the Message, and this is his Will [from him] to you, and this is the program of work that I would like to implement, and I would like from y you this and that, so pledge your allegiance to me, listen to me, and obey."

This has never happened.

Neither did you gather the Daheshists and tell them:

" The Prophet has entrusted that we do this and that, so let us do this and that."

This has never happened.

Neither did it happen that you gathered the Daheshists and tell them for example:

" The Prophet did not leave any specific instructions as far as the Message [Mission] is concerned, and the Message surely requires direction and leadership, so let's come together and agree on a direction and leadership, and on a direction and on a plan of action, and on the goals of the the current stage."

Nothing like that ever happened.

This obscurity as far as this position and the total lack of information on the part of the Daheshists is not to the benefit of The Message, your benefit, nor the benefit of the Daheshists.

(To be continued...)
"Fail, to succeed."

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