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Old 09-17-2007, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Johnson View Post
I am in full agreement with you Winged on the truly inspired words that form the Constitution of the United States. It was a formidable and challenging task and far reaching in its insight. As I have stated before, in these times we live in where there are many apologists for 'being an American', yes, men and women in their decisions may be flawed, as may be the twisting 'legalese' and verbiage to justify anything, but... the very essence of our societal and legal structure, which is based at its core on the values that were originally laid out in our Constitution... it is truly a beautiful foundation that I am proud exists. And the very idea that the Constitution can be ammended as philosophical and other idealogical advances and clarities come along (I still wonder how these men of such vision and understanding of their chosen words could ever justify owning slaves...this is beyond me; with slavery being one of the greatest scourges in our nation's history) is again a testament to the long range vision the fundamental 'inspired' nature its words carry.
Amen! Well said, brothers Johnson and Winged.
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Old 08-10-2008, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by samer el haddad View Post
Very interesting theory,for we all know that the term church(the christian temple)means the gathering of believers which doesn't imply any building or even suggest.From small experience i have had till now in daheshville,i've seen the greatness of this act.Finding explanations and clarifications posted by daheshists and questionning from interested spiritual seekers seems to me an act of communication that constitutes a temple.Of course,what the doctor said to you Mario might hold in its fold lot of explanations and of course a specific vision,but who are we to speculate.HE who knows more than all and what was said shall be done.The fact that i found the letters posted by Dr.Brax and N.Brax as you yourself clarified Mario has given me an exceptional feeling to know what i knew especially concerning the immaculate conception.I believe myself to be a follower to Dr Dahesh Message and yet this is the first time i know that truth which openned fields of thinking.
I have reread recently the conference of Dr Brax in AUB about THE PRODOGIES OF DR DAHESH AND THE UNITY OF RELIGIONS.In the explanation of the misunderstanding between islam and christianity concerning the Christ crucifixion,it was clearly stated that the multi-personalities of the prophet is the explanation.Yet,Christ's students declared the resurrection after three days.If we compare the act of execution of DR DAHESH's personality and his miraculous presence in Beirut at the same time and the act of crucifixion,this implies that jesus lived as his earthly character after the act of cricifixion(And might have "MARRIED"(it was shocking to me too the article"what she said")).Could this matter be clarified if allowed?
Thank you all founders of DAHESHVILLE for this important communication platform.


You are welcome Samer ... Thank you for being here among us !
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Old 09-05-2016, 02:29 PM
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Indeed, we pray that all material earthly chains that stand as an obstacle in our way be wiped by the thundering sword of God almighty. His true sword is the words that are given to prophets by inspiration.

We pray that the impossible be possible. That True Daheshists meet and fulfill all their dreams in truth. That their good deeds shine in the world of darkness starting from our beloved United States of America.

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