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Old 03-29-2007, 04:32 AM
Sonic Sonic est déconnecté
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Thanks Ron ,

I looked into it and found Binaural Beats website .
A free software for every platform that contains different programs
here the link though at Your Own risk :


I tried some different programs before sleeping , i woke up confortable but i dont know if it is the result of the program or my natural sleep .
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Old 03-29-2007, 11:17 AM
Loup Solitaire's Avatar
Loup Solitaire Loup Solitaire est déconnecté
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That's really interesting. I did not have chance to look for other sites. I need to take a closer look at these other sites. There were two items at the "Monroe Institute" site that caught my eye. One was a CD that used binaural beats for an "out of body" experience and the other was for "meditation". I suspect the "out of body" thing is really some sort of total relaxation CD.

But the Monroe Institute is a strange place. I was there. In 1987, they did research on death, dying, and whatever comes next. While I was there, they allowed us to use their sleeping facilities. I attended a creativity seminar there. Literally, they put us to sleep at a specific time, 11:00PM and woke us at precisely 7:00AM. The tones that synchronized the brain were masked by music. In the morning, the music began at about 6:40AM and slowly in creased in volume. When I was first aware of the music my initial thought was, "Oh make the music go away". I wanted to sleep longer. Although, the tones that caused the change in the brain state could not be heard you were vaguely aware that something was happening. By 7:00AM, my body felt like there was 50,000 volts running through it. I could not have stayed in bed if I had been chained to it.

I believe that the binaural beats technology is real and effective. I also think it is important to obtain your information from a good source and to be well informed. However, there are probably limits of its' effectiveness in the case where a person has a physical illness.

If you want to explore meditation, once you find a technique that works well for you, you might want to extend it with some sort of binaural beat relaxation CD. Good luck.
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Old 03-29-2007, 02:03 PM
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Johnson Johnson est déconnecté
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Interesting discussion. It might be helpful to further define some of the terms you refer to. There is what some refer to as 'hypnosis', there is TM (transcendental meditation) and a host of relaxation techniques. In discussions with other people, I have heard these terms often interchanged one for the other. I do not at all follow what is classically thought of as "hypnotism" and all that entails. The idea of meditation and relaxation I view as a very health-ful and prayer-ful practice. The clearing of the daily "noise" from one's mind and recentering/refocusing on the clear self is a practice so often lost in our Western society.
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Old 03-29-2007, 04:19 PM
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Loup Solitaire Loup Solitaire est déconnecté
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Hypnotism is not a good term to use. It tends to conjure an image of a circus act. However, I'm not skilled in terminology of meditation. we could use some good input here. Wikipedia listed thirteen types of meditation and I'm not certain they did the topic justice.

My reference to Sonic regearding Hemi-Sync Audio Technology is like using massage to alter the state of the mind. But I had demostrated to me that it can move the brain in either direction. It can create an acute sense of awareness or cause relaxation. Claims have been made that it can enhance the condition of the brain for specific tasks such as reading, memorization, and a few other things.

Regarding prayer, I feel that it can be a type of meditation. But sometimes the stress that creates the need to pray inhibits the state of mind required for meditation. Which is why I think sometimes we need to turn to other people.
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