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Old 05-11-2007, 02:54 PM
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wow... let me try to put this in perspective for those of you trying to keep score at home:

This is a real life situation being played out in real time by real people that we love and care about. These are friends and family members that have had a long standing personal and (former) business relationship together...now they are being torn apart...and we care.

We all live in different states here in the U.S. and some even in different countries. We come here publicly and privately on Daheshville to discuss what is going on in our lives and what we are dealing with in the many facets within our lives.

None of us are in to 'exposing' the goings on of personal matters; we are not about any of that; although at times I know it appears things may be coming close. In fact, we have gone to great lengths to defend and protect innocent parties (identities and lives) that have been openly attacked (threatened or harassed) both here on line, as well as out in the 'real' world. I want to be clear with all of you reading this, and to the best of my ability to explain all this, why this discussion is being talked about so openly here in Daheshville.

Firstly, we have not named the primary player(s) in this sad saga. There are two sides (sometimes more, sometimes less) to every story and as such all involved parties are always welcomed (and encouraged) to participate here.

Much like in a sexual harassment suit, the principal offending parties have been in a position of power and the offended parties have been perpetually subjugated. That is number two.

Thirdly, the offending party has not only abused his 'power' in a business setting, he has now used his belief as a Daheshist and his vision of his 'mission' of spreading Daheshism to control and manipulate and ultimately emotionally destroy another and their family. He has invoked that he knows the wishes of Dr. Dahesh and that he knows what the Dr. would approve of or not approve of relative to someone else's life. This is a total emotional play for trying to control and manipulate the will and life of another...of the lowest order. The control this person has attempted to exert over another has hurt and pained and torn apart the wonderful life and family of the offended party.

The hurt he has served to others is all under his guise of 'this is righteous and in the name of helping my mission'!

This is wrong! THIS IS WRONG! And this is the very essence of what these ongoing threads are about. Daheshism is not a mission of controlling people, or subjugating people, or using one person's 'vision' to control another. There are not people here 'in the know' that have powers and visions that we should aspire to helping and subjugating ourselves to. NOT AT ALL!

I admire someone that has great aspirations for Daheshism... but only to a point. I can respect the new and somewhat over the top enthusiasm of someone's excitement for what they have newly discovered for themselves in Daheshism. I was probably much like this many years ago as I started to discover for myself the significance for me and my life in Daheshism. However, we are not SELLING Daheshism here! We are not proselytizing... we are not a cloistered cult! We do not invoke the name of Dr. Dahesh to control others... to get them to do our bidding... If one thinks they are doing good and proper work and at the same time need to exert their will (under whatever guise) over others... then they are WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I cannot be more clear on this.

Finally, regarding the person we are speaking about here, most importantly.... HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER! But alas, he does not. He is blinded by his 'duty'... this is fanaticism... this is wrong. We do not use what we know for our own bidding at the expense of others for 'their own good'. Ever.

Look people, Daheshism will 'spread'... with us, without us, in spite of us. We cannot stop it, we cannot make it something it is not. In fact, I do not even like the term or the notion that any of us 'spread' Daheshism at all. At best, what ANY of us can do, is fan the perpetual flame that is always burning. We are NOT THE SELLERS OR PURVEYORS of Daheshism. Daheshism frankly, does not NEED any of us... Daheshism is a blessing, a body of information that is FOR us. Not one of us owns the market on what Daheshism is now, nor what it will become. Not one of us, not a group of us, not ever.

However, are there parts that we can play? Yes! Absolutely! But the parts we play are for our own benefit...our own personal spiritual benefit... AND if only our intentions are, well, I will use the word 'pure'. Life is a system of merit. Not merit based just upon actions, but merit based upon the deepest subtleties of our innermost heartfelt intentions relative TO those actions. EVERYTHING counts! Apparent 'good deeds' without the proper, honest intent fall fallow.

This is what saddens me as I watch people I care about being hurt. Some of these people I have met, some I have known 20+ years, some I have never met. Some I love and care about through only talking to them here on Daheshville; some I only know through others that I deeply care about. These are the kinds of things that go on in real families... and each event is a sad one. I pray from my heart of hearts that there is healing and forgiveness all around... and understanding, and HARMONY, and UNITY. I hope we all can find compassion within ourselves... I hope the hurt can heal. The world is a pretty big sandbox... I trust we can all find a way to play nicely together.

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